3 rigid painting cardboards with canvas structure finish sized 40 x 40 each. Precise contour drawings with well legible numbers. Water-based acrylic paints. No mixing of colors required. Brush with fine tip. Control template and detailed instructions for successful painting.

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The motif: “Blooming poppies”
Who has not always been in love with the blossoms of bright red poppy since childhood? They remind you of wonderful summer days, a soft breeze, golden yellowish corn fields and the lightheartedness of a child. The poppies lined up vertically have a special effect since they are composed of three square paintings placed in line one above the other. In this way, they bring the blazing red poppy blossoms with their subtle shine to the foreground.

Picture format and painting template:
“MASTERCLASS triptych, lined up vertically, sized 120 x 40”. A triptych is a picture composed of three parts. All 3 parts have the same size: 40 x 40 cm and will cover a wall space of just over 120 x 40 cm when lined up one above another. The painting templates have a palpable and visible canvas structure finish. Due to this feature, the finished painting’s visual appearance is not only enhanced but its picturesque character is emphasized at the same time, supporting the desired „oil on canvas“ effect. Hint: SCHIPPER Arts & Crafts also offers the matching aluminum frame for this picture format. See menu bar “Frame Service”.



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